Fire Company Apparatus

Last Updated: 03/11/2016

Engine 64-1

Is a 1999 American LaFrance / 4-Guys Midship Pumper. The cab is equipped with SCBA and miscellaneous equipment for 5 crew members, as well as a Chester County MDC. The truck is equipped with 1,000 gallons of water, 60 gallons of Class A foam, 1,200 of 5 supply hose and a 2,000 gpm pump. Other features include (2) 1and1/2 inch crosslays, a large bore deck gun, and a 3 rear discharge pre-connect. Also included on the truck are various hand tools, extension ladders, ventilation fans, power tools, Hazardous Materials response items, and two Holmatro rescue tools with a duo-pump. The truck is also equipped with a 20kW generator, a light tower and On-Spot Tire chains. The truck is powered by a Detroit Diesel with an Allison automatic transmission.  
Tower 64

Is a 1994 Sutphen 95’ Mid-Mount tower. It carries 500 gallons of water, 1,200’ of 5” supply hose, 2 1½” crosslays, 2 hard suction sleeves. The truck carries 6 pike poles of varying lengths, a stokes basket, vent fans, power tools, various hand tools and rope rescue equipment. The cab is equipped with 5 MSA SCBA apparatus for as many firefighters. The bucket is also equipped with an on-board breathing system.
Engine 64-2

Is a 2006 Marion Custom midship pumper with features that includes 2-1 ½” crosslays and a booster reel mounted above the pump, 750 gallon poly water tank, 1,200’ of 5” supply hose, roll up doors, storage for five SCBA bottles in the rear wheel wells, an Onan 15kW hydraulic generator, a Will-Burt 6,000 watt light tower with dual tilt heads, adjustable ladder brackets, and two hard suction hoses, and tire chains for driving on slippery roads. The chassis is a Spartan Advantage with a Cummins ISL 400 HP engine and an Allison automatic transmission. This truck is also equipped with a Chester County MDC terminal.

Engine 64-5

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Rescue 64

Is a 1990 Walk-in rescue / command post that is home to various rescue, and First-Aid Equipment. Some of the equipment that the truck carries includes: 2 large Junkyard-Dog struts, 2 short Junkyard-Dog struts, miscellaneous cribbing, high-lift jacks, and various hand tools. The truck carries Holmatro rescue tools that include the following: 1 large spreader, 2 Combi-tools, 1 large cutter, 1 small cutter, and 4? Hydraulic rams. The truck includes a 12kW generator, and on-board Hydraulic pump and reel, a duo portable hydraulic pump, a single portable pump, and 3 portable hydraulic hose reels. The truck is equipped with various ParaTech rescue struts, airbags, air-chisels, Hazardous Materials response supplies, and 5 MSA SCBA apparatus. The interior of the truck houses various First-Aid equipment that includes a first-in bag, oxygen, an AED, stokes basket, backboards, and a KED board. The interior also holds water rescue equipment. The truck is also equipped with a 6 bank cascade system. The truck is also equipped with On-Spot chains, a 12,000 lb. front mount winch, and a Chester County MDC terminal.

Brush 64

Is a 1986 Ford F-350 with a 350ci regular gas engine and a 4 speed manual transmission. The truck carries 250 gallons of water and a skid mount pump. The 4-wheel drive truck carries two booster reels, a chain saw, leaf-blower, 3 Indian tanks, 1 1½” preconnect, various hand tools, and oil dry. The truck is also equipped with a 10,000 lb. winch.

Traffic 64:

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Utility 64:

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Command 64:

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